Useful Links

Paris By Mouth – one of the best English-language resources for discovering food and drink in Paris, with reviews of quite a few craft beer shops and bars in Paris and a good overview in an April 15, 2013 article by Camille Malmquist.

Tasting Nitch – American blogger based in France uses her wit and tasting acumen to render an entertaining take on all things beer.

Paris Beer Week – Website set up for Paris Beer Week, first held in May 2014.  Awesome time was had by all, we should be recovered in time for next year’s event soon.

American Beer Geek In Paris – Facebook page for American Brandon Evans, who works with Simon Thillou at Cave a Bulles and is co-founder of Get Radical, keeps a running account of craft beer in Paris. – French language guide to craft beer shops and bars in Paris.

Ratebeer Paris – crowd-sourced listing, ranking and reviews for craft beer spots in Paris.

The Savvy Backpacker – nice blog entry reviewing many of our favorite craft beer bars and stores.

Beer Advocate Paris – crowd-sourced list and reviews of craft beer spots in Paris.

Paris Bouge – good overview and reviews of many of the best craft beer shops and bars in Paris (in French).

Beer City – Belgian based source for online ordering of craft beer from around the world, including some good French and US choices.

Biere Revolution – online ordering from France-based distributor with several craft beers from France and the US (in French).

Brasseries Francaises Liste – comprehensive listing of the 500+ breweries in France includes some basic information for each.

Good Coffee in Paris – finding good coffee in Paris can be almost as hard as finding good beer!  This is a great site for quenching a different type of thirst, providing a nice rundown of places to find excellent artisanal coffee…Cafe Lomi is a particular favorite of many local beer geeks.