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Hoppy goodness by any other name.  This site is dedicated to the growing number of passionate craft beer brewers and purveyors throughout France that are providing mind-blowingly good beer that is exciting French tastes and creating a new generation of beer-lovers.

Intrigued by the burgeoning craft beer scene, my initial search for good beer in Paris and throughout France became something more.  And things are changing fast.  I’ve even found time to lead a few free tours over the last year for expats in desperate need of a good brew in the land of wine, a task that is becoming much, much easier as more stores and bars start carrying craft beer or new ones open up.

For me, it all started one day when I stumbled onto La Fine Mousse, a mecca of craft beer in Paris, a couple weeks after they opened up in 2012.  That night..not quite as busy back Romain spent over an hour with me in a passionate discussion on the nascent French brewery movement.  A long-time fan of American craft beer, I’ve become a somewhat irregular regular at La Fine Mousse ever since (once a month rather than weekly or daily which would be a lot better).

American living in Paris since 2011, someone who’s driven hundreds of miles and crossed borders to find amazing beer more than a few times, I may not have enough time to actually blog, but I’ll do my best to keep an up-to-date list of craft beer bars, shops, breweries and events in and near Paris, as well as links to related websites.